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6 June
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About Me

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here... for my journal is a mishmash of many different things, hence why I call it "Blah... Random Inane-ness." If you want to know more about me, just read my journal or look at my "Interests" below. Some things you should know would be:

1. The fandoms may change over time, but I'll always be a fangirl at heart.

2. I'm a really nice person, but won't tolerate trolling/bashing of any kind.

3. I can be crazy-obsessed over things, lol. (Read #1)

While most of the time my posts are "generally serious" *cough*, I do have my fangirl moments. I try to post a warning and LJ-cut them when those happen, so you won't be tormeted when they occur, lol. I also have a weird sense of humor, and if the opportunity should present itself, I'm not afraid to show it....

I love writing and making icons, wallpapers, etc., which I've posted here on my LJ page.

When I'm not on the computer, I can be found angst-ing over life... not to mention trying to figure it out and how - exactly - I fit into it.

I'm also a huge fan of the sport of figure skating. I used to skate myself, but stopped for several different reasons. I'm hoping that one day I can take it back up.

I also like to bowl and golf (whatta combination, lol). When I was younger I had taken some tennis lessons, but I really haven't played it since then. (That was years, and years, and years ago....) Occasionlly I thought about picking up the racket again. Maybe I will someday....

If you add me to your F'list, please tell me how you came by my journal, as I'm currious how you came by my small portion of the 'net. :-)

Okay, I suck at writing bio's, and I'll stop boring you now. If you've managed to make it through my rambling, bravo! lol ;-)

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